Find the Best HVAC Repair Companies in Wilmington

One of the best investments for every individual is their house. Apart from being a basic need, it’s something that makes a person at ease. However, once a house is built, it doesn’t stay that way. Time, weather, natural disasters, and other unfortunate events will slowly damage it piece by piece.

Among those probable damages is the house’s the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. Fortunately, Wilmington HVAC repair companies are quite good at dealing with these issues. Some of the top picks I highly recommend and that guarantee state of the art central air conditioning repair and HVAC system services in the Wilmington, NC area are as follows:

Airmax Heating and Cooling. With its website’s tagline, “We keep your family cool or at least make sure your air conditioner does!” the company claims to be the leading HVAC Repair and Service in Wilmington. They offer air conditioning repairs, heat pump installation, and even full system maintenance. Airmax Heating and Cooling also promise that their company is being operated by Trane Certified Comfort Specialist. Some testimonies from people also revealed that the company communicates with their client properly and is very professional with their craft.

Efficient Air Heating and Cooling are also on top of the game. This HVAC repair company accordingly delivers cost-saving HVAC repair–a reliable and quality service. According to resources, they specialized repairs on not just one or two HVAC brands. They provide services on Residential and Light Commercial Heat Pumps, Gas Systems and Mini Splits. Efficient Air Heating and Cooling does not only focus on repair, but they also do replacements on old units, provide efficiency in ductwork and reassures their clients the improved indoor air quality by installing UV light systems.

For a guide on how to choose the right Heating and Conditioning companies in the Wilmington area, watch the following video.

Next on the list is the Four Star Heating & Air. The company who says, “Yup… we’re that FAST!” believes that their client’s comfort must come first. Their services range from Air Conditioning, Heating Systems, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Duct Work, Ventilation, Sales and Installation of Thermostats, Dehumidifiers, Germicidal UV Light Systems and etc. The company assures their client that they are the company for Emergency AC Service, a complicated installation job, selling, repairs, service maintenance and tune-up in all types of units, brands, and models.

Elite Contracting Solutions Inc. claims that they are the best commercial & residential HVAC Contractor in Wilmington. This HVAC company specializes in Commercial HVAC, Certified York Dealer, AC Repair and General Contracting.

The next pick is Anderson Air, LLC that has this catchy tagline, “We’ll Heat You Up & Cool You Down.” The company provides Heating System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance; Air Conditioning Installation, Repair, and Maintenance; Heat Pump Installation, Furnace Installation, System Upgrades and services on Geothermal Systems for their clients.

Moser Mechanical Inc., despite being a new company, also made it on the list. They offer repair & installation, general maintenance, planned maintenance, and air duct cleaning.

O’Brien Service Company has served Wilmington since 1981. This established company is committed to giving their clients a complete range of heating and air services, including installation, repairs, maintenance, replacements and commercial services.

Randolph Heating & Air is also a good competitor when it comes to HVAC Services in Wilmington. The company promises a 24-hour emergency service, best technical and customer service, fully loaded, licensed and insured, personalized fast and efficient service. The clients are offered services on heating, AC Repair, and Duct Cleaning.

Salt Air Heating and Cooling Inc. also specialize in air conditioning services and heating services. Their services range from maintenance, repairs, and replacements. The company promises a commitment to making their clients happy with the services they provide.

Southeastern Heating Air Conditioning & Electrical has served Wilmington since 1974. This licensed contractor dedicated their time in giving their clients services in Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Products; Commercial HVAC Services; Installation and Replacement; Trained Technicians; Equipment Retrofit and Replacement; Preventive Maintenance; Extended Service Agreements; Extended Warranties on New Equipment; Emergency Service; Indoor Air Quality Specialists; Service All Makes and Models; and Sheet Metal Fabrication.

Last but not least is the Tidewater Heating and Air Conditioning. The company guarantees their clients with their expertise in installation and providing services in terms of air conditioners, air duct cleaning, furnaces & oil furnaces, heating, heat pumps, hydronic heating and boilers, media filters, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, water heaters, and ventilators.

These companies listed above can provide optimal answers and solutions for Wilmington residents’ needs regarding HVAC Services. With the companies’ updated technology and varied ways of dealing with HVAC issues, nothing can be left unrepaired.

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